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TMC goons attack army man

TMC goons attack army man

Power has made TMC so arrogant in West Bengal that they don't even hesitate attacking army man .

It happened yesterday in hooghly district of West Bengal. Pankaj Razak of Rashtriya Rifles is posted in Bandipora district of J&K and was on holiday at his home for construction of house. TMC goons demanded 1lac  donation for fetching water needed for construction from nearby tap. Failing to fulfill this unjust demand of TMC goons, he was beaten badly by 8 people with spade and bamboo sticks. 

Amongst 8 goons who assaulted army man two were identified named Shamu Paswan and Marko Paswan. Even local councilor is said to be involved in this extortion racket.

Soldier Razak filed a police complaint also but no action by police and local authorities till now, not anyone arrested yet in this matter. If Soldiers are not safe in West Bengal then one can easily assume what is the life of a common man there.

Imagine if this incident would be related with gauraksha or hindu oriented issue, Media would have propagated to an extent but sorry to say , Do Soldiers have so less value in India ??


Posted On : 09-May-2017

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