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Is Tej Bahadur in hand and gloves with Congress?

Is Tej Bahadur in hand and gloves with Congress?

Tej Bahadur of BSF who was notoriously famous for his viral video of pathetic food served was sacked from BSF and is nowadays noticed as Guest in various Congress events.

Congress once again playing a dirty politics. Madhya Pradesh unit of Congress organised an event and felicitated Tej Bahadur to pay homage to 25 CRPF martyrs. Why congress invited a sacked soldier to honor Martyrs?

Also, Tej Bahadur announced to launch a big movement against government injustices with army at Jantar Mantar alongwith retired personnel of army, navy and force.

This kind of movement against Government requires huge support financially and politically both. Question is, who is supporting Tej Bahadur, because this all cannot be done without backing of a big and powerful Organisation. He was also noticed in an event in Mumbai with Mumbai Congress.

Is Congress along with with some foreign funded NGOs planning some dirty games against Modi Government? But this time its shameful that they are dragging army for political self interest. If congress is doing such things than clearly they are heading towards Political Suicide.

Posted On : 10-May-2017

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