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‘Shahi’ Imam finds new ways to stay relevant

‘Shahi’ Imam finds new ways to stay relevant

In yet another statement issued on Tuesday, Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Masjid, Syed Mohammed Nurur Rahman Barkati said that those Muslims who would support RSS and BJP would be ostracized from the community.

“As the Shahi Imam I declare that those Muslims who support RSS or BJP would be outlasted and if they try to put up a meeting or rally around this place I will beat them up myself,” Barkati said at a press conference on Tuesday, May 9th 2017.

Please note that this is only a declaration and not a ‘fatwa’ as overeager media outlets are reporting. Fatwa implies ‘legal opinion’ (as per Sharia law) and ‘learned interpretation’, both for which the Maulana is fortunately, unqualified.

In the same press conference Barkati upholded Sharia law as ‘very just and scientific’ which makes women appear deprived but in effect give women ‘all rights’ post separation. Women and their opinions, as you would note, amount to nothing in extremist Islamic circles.

On the matter of red beacon, Barkati said he will continue to use it as the permission was given by erstwhile British Government and hence only an order from U.K. Can stop him from using the red beacon. Supporting his statement Barkati cited the difference between Central and State governments, going as far as claiming that Center has no jurisdiction in state matters.

Barkati’s rise to fame was fueled by his strong desire to remain relevant and, in part, by his political aspirations. His keen eye saw a potential when Mamta Bannerji broke away from Congress to form her own Trinamool Congress (TMC). Aligning himself with the ‘rising star’ he managed to become Mamta’s ‘Rakhi-brother’ and had no qualms when TMC was aligned to BJP. His proximity has earned his son lucrative contracts and him, a chance to travel in a car with red beacon. The financial gain is, of course, an open secret.

Barkati’s recent shot to fame was his reward of 25 lakhs to anyone who would shave the head and blacken the face of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. This statement was issued in presence of a TMC MP, Idris Ali.

The fact that such ridiculous statements cannot ruffle the feathers of our security agencies, says a lot about their preparedness. However, the question remains - for how long can such instigators hide behind the garb of freedom of speech? When can a government crush troublemakers without being concerned about next election results?

Posted On : 10-May-2017

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