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More trouble for AAP in Punjab as Ghuggi quits

More trouble for AAP in Punjab as Ghuggi quits

Factionalism and trouble seem to have become synonymous of Aam Aadmi Party. In another jolt to the party the former chief of AAP Punjab unit, Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi has resigned from the party. He addressed the media and made his announcement. His resignation came after Arvind Kejriwal appointed Bhagwant Mann as the new AAP Punjab unit chief replacing Ghuggi. This is the second resignation in protest of Mann’s appointment. The chief whip of AAP Punjab unit, Sukhpal Khaira had also resigned 2 days ago.

Speaking to the media Ghuggi said that the party has ditched its ideals. He also raised questions on Arvind Kejriwal’s silence on the corruption charges levelled by the former Delhi minister Kapil Mishra. It is alleged that Ghuggi has also made a comment that he cannot work under a drunkard, referring to Bhagwant Mann. This is not the first time Bhagwant Mann’s drinking habits has been in news. During the Punjab elections, numerous video clips had emerged which showed Bhagwant Mann hardly able to walk and addressing public rallies in inebriated state.

Ghuggi further alleged that there was a power tussle in AAP which has left many people disgruntled. He also said that he had appealed to Sanjay Singh and other party leaders that Sucha Singh Chhotepur should be requested to come back to the party and Dharamvir Gandhi should be included too, but his voice fell on deaf ears. He also claimed that he had raised concerns and informed Kejriwal about Ashish Khetan, Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak during Punjab election but his concerns were ignored by Kejriwal. Ghuggi had lost the recently concluded Punjab elections from the Batala seat.

The allegations by Ghuggi add credence to the allegations that Kejriwal is surrounded by a handful of people and he only listens to them. This has been repeated by nearly all of the senior leaders who had chosen to leave the party. After Delhi, AAP had hoped to make Punjab their bastion. But after losing the Punjab Vidhan Sabha and Delhi municipal elections, AAP has started to fall apart. Keeping the party together is the biggest challenge for Arvind Kejriwal right now. And among this entire tussle it’s the governance for Delhi that suffers.

Posted On : 10-May-2017

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