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We will not spare even PM Modi, said West Bengal Shahi Imam

We will not spare even PM Modi, said West Bengal Shahi Imam

In a desperate attempt to brand himself as the new firebrand politician, Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque, Syed Muhammad Nurur Rahman Barkati, threatened to wage jihad and carve out another Pakistan, if such a need arises.

“If ‘Hindu Rashtra’ becomes a reality and azaan, cow meat, Quran are prohibited, then we will not spare you and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi”, he warned.

Further he said, “Why would this nation be a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, why can’t it be a ‘Muslim Rashtra’. Why can’t the 25-30 crore Muslim population of India be given Pakistan, we will fight for Pakistan”. It seems Barkati has had a bout of selective amnesia and has forgotten that such a country already exists, and was created for the same reason quoted by him.

When asked to elucidate more on ‘jihad’, Imam Barkati said, “In jihad everything will be finished, as it is happening in Afghanistan and across the world,” further adding “we have been practicing jihad for the last 100 years”.

It’s not clear if the maulana is referring to jihad spars being held in his courtyard or the war waged by Muslims to ‘protect’ their religion. If it is the former, jihad has been in existence ever since Saladin’s forces and European crusaders locked horns for the ‘holy land’.

Speaking about the ban on the ‘red beacon’ Barkati, defended his using the beacon on the grounds that it was allowed by the British Government, and said “I am a Shahi Imam and hence I won't give up red beacon despite court's order. All Shahi Imams have been using 'lal batti' and nobody has ever objected to it”. Most of us have heard 12 year olds talking more maturely than that.

Sometime back Barkati stumbled upon the notion that his opinion matters and has been involved in controversial and flaming speeches. Maulana Siddiqullah Chowdhury, a minister in TMC cabinet, has slammed Barkati. “He is immature and has said these to be in the news. The statement has been made in bad taste and he has insulted the high chair of an imam”. This, however, has had no effect on the man and has been quoted as saying “They[RSS] went on chanting names of their gods in front of masjids. So instead of confronting like eunuchs why don't they come to the forefront and fight if they have to?”

It would appear Barkati still considers the world to be his back alley for settling ‘unfinished businesses’.

The questions still looms, how long will the Indian Government tolerate such hate speeches? Are populist measures the only tools available for anyone to be democratically elected?

Posted On : 10-May-2017

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