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I am ashamed that I am born in India - Mamata Banerjee

I am ashamed that I am born in India - Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, has given a statement that she is ashamed of being born in India. As reported by ANI, She said "Sab religions ko mil kar shanti banakar rakhna chahiye, na ki talwaar lekar darana.Sharam ki baat hai ki main iss dharti par paida hui”. (All religions should live together happily but people are against each other in India. I am ashamed that I am born in this country) To which we ask, what other country would you prefer Ms Banerjee? Is Pakistan or some other Islamic country of your choice? Didn't you feel ashamed of shaming a country which has given you the chair that you occupy? Do you want to say that the people of this country who voted for you are fools? You enjoy the luxuries of life paid for by the tax money of the people of this country. And who are the people and which religion is the one who is threatening others? It’s your near and dear ones Ms Banerjee. It’s the people who are so close to your heart for the only reason of vote bank politics.

When Mamata Banerjee won the elections in West Bengal in 2011 and again later in 2016, it was widely hailed as the end of Communist politics in West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress had achieved what the grand old Indian National Congress could not. Mamata Banerjee had hogged the media attention. She was being portrayed as the giant killer, the new force to be reckoned with in Indian politics. But under the revelries and celebrations and hailing the victory of democracy, the slowly brewing radicalization of the Muslim community was completely overshadowed. In the last 5 years we have all been jolted seeing the ugly reality of the new West Bengal under Mamata Banerjee. In the last 5 years we have seen the uncontrolled rise and spread of Islamic radicals in West Bengal. The unprecedented manner in which these radicals have been given a free run is shocking. And all this while the chief minister and the state machinery has made all efforts to cover up the virulent hate filled activities of these elements as a mere law and order problem. The Hindus in Bengal are constantly facing incidents of attack, loot and molestation at the hands of groups led by jihadi minded people. These elements are now so emboldened by the silence of the state government that couple of days ago, Imam Barkati has gone to the extent of threatening jihad against India. His hate fill statements are a reaction to the Indian government directive of discontinuing red beacons on vehicles except for emergency services.

Things have come to such a horrible state that Hindus have to approach the court to get permissions to celebrate festivals like Durga Puja. It would not be wrong to say that the Pujo is the cultural identity of Bengal. There have been numerous instances of Islamic fundamentalists denouncing celebrating Durga Puja as idol worship is against Islamic beliefs. They have constantly objected to the use of drums and other musical instruments being used in the processions taken out for idol immersion. There have been numerous instances of Puja pandals being vandalized. Instead of reigning in these culprits, the state machinery, at the behest of the chief minister, seems to accommodate their demands by disallowing permissions to setup pandals and carry out other rituals. This was evident when the permission to carry out Hanuman Jayanti procession was denied in Birbhum. The devotees still carried out the procession only to be lathi charged by the local police.

What Mamata Banerjee forgot is that the times have changed. Social media’s reach cannot by manipulated to suit the political narrative. It is not hungry for political patronage. Nor does it adhere to West Bengal government’s guidelines. A few courageous people have stood up and raised their voices. Every time the West Bengal chief minister has brushed aside an issue as a law and order problem, social media activists have called her bluff and brought out the true picture of anti-Hindu activities. The manner in which the Mamata government went all out to cover up the Dhulagarh riot is proof enough. If it was not for social media, we would have never come to know about the atrocities committed against Hindus. The lust for power and the need to sustain the support base has driven Mamata into turning a blind eye to anti-Hindu environment spreading in West Bengal especially in Malda. TMCs abetment of such elements and the blanket protection offered to them by Mamata Banerjee is helping the radicals in carrying out their nefarious anti-national activities. Malda has become a safe haven for such elements.

It’s high time that the Bhodro lok of West Bengal take a stand and unite against the common evil else we would see a repeat of the Kashmir in Bengal. The demography has already started changing with illegal Bangladeshi’s crossing into Bengal and living as locals with even their names in voter lists. It time to wake up to the menace of radical Islamization of Bengal.

Posted On : 12-May-2017

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