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Yogi at work, suspended 7 policemen after they were seen having tea with gangster

Yogi at work, suspended 7 policemen after they were seen having tea with gangster

It is little over a month now when the new Government came into power in UP and Yogi is not leaving any stone unturned for the betterment of the state and its people. As promised in their election manifesto Yogi is trying to fulfill all the promises, be it shutting down illegal slaughter houses or UP education system or any other area, government is working round the clock to make UP a Uttam Pradesh.

ne of the top most priority (or rather challenge) of the new government is Law and Order and Yogi has mentioned it multiple times at different places.

However it seems UP Police is unaware that the previous Akhilesh Yadav led Samajwadi Party government has changed and working style of Yogi Adityanath is totally different. Here is the story –

On Friday a video came in the TV media in which policemen are seen having tea party with the gangster Monu Pahadi that too in the Kanpur Police canteen. Policemen have taken him to Kanpur from Itawa for the court hearing when all this happened. The gangster is accused of heinous crimes Murder, kidnapping and loot and was recently arrested by UP ATS.

Here is the video –


As soon as this story came in the media, the UP government came into action and suspended all 7 Policemen involved into this within 20 minute proving the fact that this type of act will not be tolerated.

A government cannot keep an eye on all government officials on what they are doing and if it can be stopped, but the government certainly can act and set example so that it can never be repeated. Yogi govt did exactly the same and reminded all policemen that the government is changed.

Posted On : 14-May-2017

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