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Sacked Kapil Mishra peels one more layer of Kejriwal's corruption

Sacked Kapil Mishra peels one more layer of Kejriwal's corruption

Dramatic scenes were witnessed during and after the press conference called by Kapil Mishra to make massive expose against Arvind Kejriwal. He raised slogans “Ab to ye spasht hai, Arvind Kejriwal bhrasht hai”.  (It’s clear now that Arvind Kejriwal is corrupt). He went on to threaten Arvind Kejriwal stating Kejriwal would be grabbed by his collar and dragged off the Chief Minister’s chair and taken to jail, if Kejriwal did not resign immediately. And once the press conference was concluding Kapil Mishra collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital. He has been admitted to RML hospital whre he is under the care of doctors.

During the press meet, he made new exposes against Arvind Kejriwal and AAP proving that huge donations were received by AAP through benami companies. He also showed evidence that several AAP MLAs were involved in creating shell companies and these companies were making donations to AAP. And he alleged that all this happened with the knowledge of Arvind Kejriwal. For 3 years black money was routed as donations to AAP party fund. Of the accounts from which the money came to AAP, few were found to be in Axis bank accounts in Krishna Nagar. This is the same branch where raids were conducted post demonetization on doubts of black money being converted to white.

Kapil Mishra also showed evidence in support of the allegations. He gave details of 2 people from Bangalore, who have donated Rs.1,10,00,000 and Rs 90,00,000 lacs whereas the IT returns of these individuals were a mere few thousands. Also, 2 uncrossed undated cheques of Rs 35 crore each were presented before the media. He also shared a Delhi address which was the official registered address for 187 companies including 8 international companies and many of these companies have made huge donations to AAP.

All these evidences, if true, raises serious questions on Arvind Kejriwal and his associates. This is not the first time such allegations have been levelled against AAP. But this time Kejriwal has been accused directly. Not only is this a major financial fraud, this also raises concerns about national security, as money laundered in such manner could also belong to anti national elements with nefarious intentions. Will Kejriwal now come out and speak up? What is the reason behind hiding the overseas travel details of AAP leaders? Why is Kejriwal, who is so active on twitter, gone completely silent since Kapil Mishra’s first expose?

Earlier today, Kapil Mishra tweeter a picture and wrote "Today, I will expose kejriwal with these documents" and so far it seems he was able to do enough damage to Kejriwal and company.

Posted On : 14-May-2017

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