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Dhola Sadiya RailRoad Bridge - The Longest RailRoad Bridge of India

Dhola Sadiya RailRoad Bridge - The Longest RailRoad Bridge of India

If someone asks the question “Which Road Bridge in India is the longest?”

The answer is the Bandra Worli Sea Link Bridge over the sea in Mumbai with a length of 5.6 km approx. But this info will change from next month with a new contender taking the podium. The Dhola Sadiya Rail/Road Bridge in Assam over the mighty Brahmaputra river will come up as the longest bridge in India with a length of 9.15 km (3.55 km longer than the Bandra Worli Sea Link Bridge) connecting Dhola to Sadiya on both sides of the river in Upper Assam. The Project started back in 2011 and got into quite a bit of controversy with corruption charges and could not meet its deadline of 2015. New construction companies were employed after lots of controversy and since then work has progressed without a fuss and its finally complete now and will be dedicated to the people of India by PM on 26th May 2017, according to reports.

"The prime minister will dedicate the strategically important bridge to the nation on May 26. It will bolster the road connectivity in the Northeast as the bridge will be used by people of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh besides defense forces extensively," Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal told PTI.

It is estimated that bridge will benefit 220000 people and will reduce travel time from Dhola Gaon to Sadiya Islampur Tiniali by 4 hours. This bridge across Dhola will be one of the vital links in this Region which will not only give a relief to the existing transport network but also invites various developmental activities. Increased developmental activities will also increase the vehicular movement. It will also help in increasing border trade between Arunachal Pradesh and ASEAN countries.

It took Rs. 950 crore to build this bridge and still considered to be a good price considering the scale and construction style. It's a strategically placed bridge which not only will help people of Arunachal Pradesh to reach the nearest Railway link point Tinsukia in Assam but also let people access Dibrugarh Airport. It will have both Roads and Railway lines to connect Arunachal Pradesh with the Railway Map of the country. At a distance of about 100km (Aerial) from the China border, this bridge is made so that it can withstand loads up to 60 tons (Example - Tanks and artillery units) so that equipment can be transported across Brahmaputra River up to the China Border in quick time. After Kaliabhomora Bridge near Tezpur there were no bridges upstream till next 375 till Dhola and all transportation across the river were through Waterways. Hence this bridge will boost communication and will be a busy one in the whole region. This bridge will also avail new Rail link projects of the Railways to connect Strategic Points and will go a long way to serving the Armed Forces with much needed reinforcements and Supplies during need so that something like 1962 is never repeated again.

This bridge is also expected to boost defense in the sensitive North East, especially considering the country’s long dispute over Arunachal with China. The bridge, which can bear the weight of military trucks and equipment, is located around 100 km aerial distance away from the India-China border. This project will provide much needed logistical support for Military personnel posted Indo-China border.

Posted On : 15-May-2017

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