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India rises by 73 spots to 26 rank in World Bank's power list - Piyush Goyal

India rises by 73 spots to 26 rank in World Bank's power list - Piyush Goyal

Since beginning Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been emphasizing that electricity should reach every nook and cranny of the country and by the latest report of the World Bank, it seems that his efforts are paying off. According to Piyush goyal India's power minister, India rose by 73 spots to 26 in latest World Bank’s power list. India was in 99th spot when this government came to power.

Piyush Goyal who attended the Vienna Energy Forum (VEF) on 11th of this month said that India received a lot of praise for its effort to provide affordable energy access to citizens and India was lauded for its efforts in tackling climate change.

Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal also said – ”Our ranking has improved to 26 positions from 99. So, it is truly very redeeming feature and satisfying for me that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision particularly to take electricity to every home, particularly to make energy affordable is being furthered very rapidly.”He further added “A person should be able to apply for electricity connection. If there is infrastructure available... get it in 24 hours. If an infrastructure needs to be created he should get in less than one week,”

Goyal also said that he was confident that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of providing affordable energy to every home of the country is going well and the target to electrify 18,452 villages will be completed well under deadline. The minister added that the Centre is collaborating with states to ensure that electric power was made available to all households at the earliest.

Prime minister launched rural electrification program in 2014 with an aim to make India an energy powerhouse and by looking at the pace of development, it is quite clear that India will achieve its goals well before time.

Posted On : 15-May-2017

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