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Life without Red Beacons - Politicians turn common man

Life without Red Beacons - Politicians turn common man

After 1st May when Red beacons on VIP vehicles ceased to exist, the high flying politicians (especially the first timers) and VIPs suddenly seem to have been brought down to the level of common man. Various reports in newspapers show how life has changed for the VIPs.

The biggest problem that the VIPs now face is the delays caused in traffic. Earlier the Lal batti ensured quick road clearance for them but now after May 1st other vehicles do not give them way because people cannot differentiate between common people and bureaucrats, MLAs and MPs. And now they even have to wait in queues at the toll booths. Few also complaints that they are now not recognized by the police personnel because of which they don’t salute them anymore. We also saw the extent to which many VIPs were ready to go to continue using the beacons. Be it the Karnataka politician who said he would remove the red beacon only if Modi lets go of his security cavalcade or Imam Barkati from West Bengal, all those who were used to the Lal batti lifestyle seem to be facing an identity crisis.

All this cribbing and whining show that Modi has once again struck the right chord. The sense of entitlement that the Lal batti brought to the politicians and the other VIPs led them to believe that they were from some other world and the common people were obliged to treat them special. Perhaps now they would realize the importance of fast tracking road projects and increasing the road capacity so that the traffic delays are reduced. In fact, some politicians from opposition also welcomed this changed and supported. They quoted that it was required to bridge the gap between politicians and common people. 

Something good is surely going to come out of this exercise. Though the physical beacons have been removed, the sense of being a VIP still exists and we need to wait and watch how soon these VIPs start acting like normal.

Posted On : 16-May-2017

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