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Indian Railways to install 19K CCTV in 900+ railway station Under Nirbhaya Fund

Indian Railways to install 19K CCTV in 900+ railway station Under Nirbhaya Fund

Railway is the first choice of means of transportation in India and is considered to be the life line of Indian transport. But over the years many cases of violence have been registered that took place in railway stations and in the trains, therefore Women safety in railway premise has become a big issue over time.

The central government has created the Nirbhaya fund with Rs.10 Billion in its 2013 Union budget to initiate the work of Government and NGOs for the woman safety.

The Railways has decided to use the initial Rs 5 billion from Nirbhaya fund to install 19,000 HD CCTV cameras in 983 Railway Stations.

The Project aims to cover all the platforms phase wise. As per the plan control rooms will be constructed for trained team of RPF personnel who will be monitoring the platforms and railway premises in real time.

A senior Railway Ministry official said, “The station master will also be given access to monitor CCTV camera footage as part of the project being undertaken by the public transporter”.

Railways have about 7,500 stations out of which currently 344 stations have already been provided with CCTV cameras.

"It is helping us in a great way. The signboard reading 'You are under watch' has a preventive effect on criminal minds," the official said.

Beside stations, many trains like the Rajdhani Express, The Hamsafar Express and the upcoming Tejas will also be covered under this project.

CCTV cameras are the best ways to improve the security of a particular place. Not only real time monitoring, but the past recordings can also be helpful in crime investigation.

This is a good initiative that will help the investigators to perform their duties with ease and hopefully it would be a deterrent for criminals and would surely help in curtailing crime.

Posted On : 16-May-2017

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