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BREAKING: Kolkata Imam Barkati beaten. Karma?

BREAKING: Kolkata Imam Barkati beaten. Karma?

In a recent incident Barkati and his men got into a fist fight with a group of Muslims in Kolkata. As per reports, Barkati was on the receiving end of quite a few slaps even when his supporters were desperately shielding him.

Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque, Kolkata, Syed Noorur Rehman Barkati has stayed in the news for one provocative statement or the other. His recent stunt was not removing the red beacon from his car as it had been endowed by the colonial British government of yore, and if Barkati is to be believed, only the British government can remove it as the central government has no jurisdiction in state matters. One often wonders where Maulana got his civic lessons.

It appears people grew tired of his antics and decided to give Maulana a taste of his own medicine. In a YouTube video from 13th May, Barkati is seen being roughed up by Muslims.

Thankfully, the perpetrators were of the Muslim community or else we would have seen nationwide riots. Media and political figures’ inability to look at people beyond their religion and beliefs are appalling.

Barkati has the knack of hogging the limelight. Though, for the last two times it was for reasons Imam would not like to list in his resume. One being Tipu Sultan Mosque’s board of trustees' decision to remove Barkati from his post, for which he felt he was entitled for a red beacon; and second, this.

It is not certain as to which of the controversial and provocative statements by Maulana caused the incident - was it his call for Jihad, his rants against PM Modi, or his ‘fatwa’ to shave and blacken Modi’s head and face - but one thing is certain. People are rising up and beyond the vote bank politics to see the politicians for what they really are.

Here is the full video (via ETV Bangla)- 

Posted On : 16-May-2017

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