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West Bengal Shahi Imam Barkati Sacked: Loses His Stage & Audience

West Bengal Shahi Imam Barkati Sacked: Loses His Stage & Audience

A very well know name from West Bengal, Barkati has been finally removed from his position as Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque. The decision was taken today, 17th May 2017, by Mosque’s Board of Trustees.

The head of the Board, Shahezada Anwar Ali Shah said Mr Barkati was removed “from the post of the Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque for his anti-national comments”.

Barkati has been in the news for many of his antics, most recent being his obsession with the lal batti – the red beacon; going as far as to claim that Centre has no jurisdiction in state matters. Government of India, keeping their promise to end VIP culture, had decreed that from 1st of May, 2017 red beacons will no longer be allowed on any vehicle. Police and emergency services may install a blue beacon on their vehicles.

An oft-repeated quote comes to mind – “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Maulana, in a planned turn of events, came close to the current Chief Minister of Bengal, Mamata Banerjee; so much so, that he became the latter’s ‘rakhi’ brother – coupled with the post of Shahi Imam of a 185-year old mosque and he had a captive audience of sycophants, power hungry bottom feeders, and unsuspecting people of faith. This proved to be heady for Maulana and he went on a rampage of offending and galling remarks – partly to polarize voters and largely to prove he was unassailable.

When Maulana was approached for comments, he chided the board members and warned them of serious consequences if the order was not rebuked.

“Terminated, axed, these words don't apply to Imam. Imam is a community head... I get a lot of notices every day. Who are they to terminate me? They need to apologise before the media otherwise they will face serious consequences”, Barkati said alleging that the board members were acting on behest of the RSS.

RSS is many things, but Omnipotent is not one of them. It appears Barkati has taken to the heart the age old adage – the show must go on.

Posted On : 17-May-2017

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