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The Urban Naxals - bigger threat for India

The Urban Naxals - bigger threat for India

It was in 1967 when India saw Naxalite movement being born and its leaders openly propagating an armed revolution. The movement was led by Charu Majumdar, Kanu Sanyal, and Jangal Santhal who were part of the Communist Party of India (CPI) generally known as Maoist. Soon the movement spread and many tribals and landless peasants joined the movement. In 1969 CPI-ML (Marxist Leninist) was born. During 1970s the movement had spread to entire country except the western states. By 1980 it was estimated that there were 30 Naxalite groups who had a combined membership of 30,000. Violence and fear tactics were the main weapons of these groups. By 2006, the numbers had swollen to 70,000 including an estimated 20,000 armed members. At a point of time, Naxalites had influence in nearly a third of the districts in the country and the Red corridor extended from Bihar-Nepal border to UP, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

The movement started off as a struggle for illiterate tribals and poor landless farmers who also made up the combat units force. But soon many cadres started giving up the armed conflict, disillusioned by the tactics and the policies. These poor people who were often brainwashed into believing that they were struggling for their rights to their lands soon realized that there is more to this ongoing struggle than mere rights of their lands. The surrendered naxals revealed horrendous stories of abuse, exploitation at the hands of their leaders. Women naxals told stories of sexual abuse and rape. They were at the mercy of their leaders.

It became very clear that the Maoist movement had lost its real focus and was now just a tool in the hands of anti-nationals sitting comfortably in their air conditioned homes in big cities.

There have been reports of the Naxalites being helped by Pakistan’s ISI. In 2012, the West Bengal DGP Naparajit Mukherjee speaking at a conference of chief secretaries and police chief’s said that “Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is having close liaison with some pro-Naxal over-ground organizations through banned SIMI in the state and helping them to instigate people against the government”. And these pro-Naxals over ground sympathizers are now getting exposed.

In the recent new, we saw a Delhi university professor G.N. Saibaba, a JNU student and three others get life imprisonment for their links with Naxalites. They have been found guilty of waging war against India. We also saw how in JNU, anti-India slogans were raised asking for Azaadi for Kashmir and Bastar.

2 days ago, Podiyam Panda, a participant of Sukma attacks who had surrendered on 9th May 2017, made serious allegations against Delhi University Professor Nandini Sundar and rights activist Bela Bhatia. Panda claimed he used to take Sundar and Bhatia on a motorbike deep into forests of Sukma for meetings with top Maoists like Ramanna, Hidma, Paparao Aaytu, Arjun and others and was also a courier for them.

"Maoist Podiyam Panda has been serving as the main link between inner cadre of Maoists and urban network system in Delhi, Raipur and other cities. He said that he was part of several incidents including the recent one at Burkapal in which the CRPF personnel were fired upon. Panda was also part of the deadly Tadmetla attack that killed 75 CRPF jawans in 2010”, informed the Sukma SP Abhishek Meena.

These sympathizers can be equated with the terrorist sympathizers in Kashmir who try to disrupt counter insurgency operations of the Army by throwing stones and allowing terrorists to escape. It’s high time that the Indian Government take notice of such Urban naxals and initiate action against them. More than the poor illiterate brain washed tribals and farmers; it’s these Urban Naxals in the guise of Human rights activists and university professors, who are a greater threat to the country. These people are traitors. No other philosophical description applies to their actions. And those media houses and journalists who try to sympathize and romanticize this armed conflict are equally responsible and answerable for the loss of lives of both Naxalites and Armed forces.

Posted On : 19-May-2017

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