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Aadhar - The incredible benefits

Aadhar - The incredible benefits

Aadhar itself is a technology which is capable of keeping eye on various activities of a citizen. It is necessary that the information database of Aadhars must be kept in a high security vault. But raising voice against Aadhar is unacceptable, that too just because of privacy concern.

Recently World Bank praised India’s steps towards making Aadhar mandatory in various systems, even they want other countries to follow the same. Previously we had PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, etc. as an identity, the facts states that only about 15% Indians were entitled with these cards. Some citizens were so poor that they can’t even afford such cards. All the above mentioned cards come with various fees, except Aadhar card which is totally free of cost. Next problem with these cards were that they never had biometric records. Many people were having more than one Driving License, Voter Id because these cards didn’t have Biometrics and it leads to misuse.

One must admit that Aadhar has very fine Biometric Verification System. No one can enjoy more than one Aadhar card. This clearly states that a person can’t have more than one Aadhar. It ensures that a person doesn’t enjoy multiple benefits provided by the government with the help of different ID cards. Government is in process of linking Aadhar with PAN Card, it will facilitate in removal of duplicate PAN Cards and there will be more transparency.

Another aspect is our internal security. In 2002 Abu Salem was caught with many passports and other identities. Had it been the case of Aadhar then he wouldn’t have fled away. He would have been caught at the Airport. It’s easy for criminals to change their appearance but finger prints and retina are almost impossible to change.

Also, it is not less than a boon for our education system. Munnabhais now will not be able to operate, previously they were operating with the help of photo-mixing technology and making photo blur. Prank calls can be reduced; with the e-KYC technology linked with Aadhar no one can buy SIM cards with False IDs. Social environment are enhanced in future with the implementation of Aadhar.

For making the vision of Digital India a successful initiative, Aadhar is the only measure which ensures that every citizen is well connected with the Digital India revolution. It’s our moral duty to spread awareness among others and teach them the benefits of Aadhar for the growth of country and its citizens.

Many celebrities are concerned about their personal information being leaked. However if a person is not having any malpractices then he/she should not fear about his information to be leaked. And at the very most they are in very less number. Looking upon the known benefits, Aadhar overwhelms the privacy concern. Treat Aadhar as a solution not as a problem. 

Posted On : 19-May-2017

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