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AAP - The ups and downs

AAP - The ups and downs

AAM AADMI PARTY came into existence because the two activists. Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare had dissimilar ideas regarding the movement. Arvind Kejriwal wanted to politicize the movement but Anna Hazare wanted the movement to keep away from the political involvement.

At the end, Arvind Kejriwal founded the AAM AADMI PARTY, which was formed to fight against corruption and any Anti-Indian substance. Delhi Legislative election was near and the people of Delhi got new party which, with words, can hypnotize an owl too. The innocent people of Delhi were trapped inside the promises and showmanship of AAP. In the year 2013 Delhi legislative elections, besides having two great national parties, AAP stood 2nd in the race and formed coalition government with Congress which remained in office for 49 days. It was clear that public of Delhi was supporting the new comer AAP. After 49 days, Kejriwal resigned as a chief minister following the failure of the introduction of Delhi's Jan Lokpal Bill in the assembly on 14 February 2014 and then President’s rule was imposed. Delhi went for re-election in early 2015 and this time AAP got landslide victory with whooping 67 out of 70 seats. BJP was able to secure only 3 seats and Congress couldn’t save a single seat.

Let’s have a look at all the ups and downs of Arvind Kejriwal and his political party AAP –

This was the golden period for AAP as it was the only party to withstand the most powerful storm of Prime Minister Modi.

Always in controversies – 

AAP has been in controversies since its birth. 2014 when Modi was elected as PM, AAP was able to secure 4 seats (all in Punjab). Soon after the result, AAP got a major blow when Shazia Ilmi, founder member of the party resigned from the party and said –

My decision to leave the party is triggered by the lack of inner-party democracy, especially, from a party that constantly talks of ‘Swaraj’ (self-rule), she said during a press conference in May 2014. We fight against cronyism but we have a crony clique which runs the party and takes impulsive decisions which we learn about later. I find it amazing that we cannot follow the principles of Swaraj within our own party Ilmi added.

Kejriwal caught doing horse-trading – 

Same year, AAP MLA Rajesh Garg released audio tapes where the CM of Delhi could be heard discussing horse-trading trying to convince the six congress MLA to support AAP and quit their own party. This tape was recorded when AAP won the election for the first time and running short of MLAs to form the government.

Senior founder members kicked out of party – 

The senior leader of party, Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, Anand Kumar and Ajit Jha were expelled for engaging in Anti-Party Activities and violating party’s constitution.

A number of other leaders, formerly associated with AAP decided to leave the AAM AADMI PARTY saying the party has compromised on core values. In this all, over 15 leaders have either quit the party or had been suspended by party leadership.

Involved in criminal activities – 

A case for attempted murder, domestic violence and cheating was registered against Somnath Bharti in October 2015. 11 AAP leaders had been arrested and Arvind Kejriwal had defended them by blaming PM Modi for the arrest of these AAP leaders. Recently, Amanatullah Khan, AAP MLA was arrested on charge of threatening a woman who visited his residence complaining of power cuts.

Kumar Vishwas losing hope – 

Recently we have seen Dr. Kumar Vishwas was upset from his party. He also made a video which indirectly criticized the CM of Delhi. Kumar Vishwas also cried in the interview blaming that his own party wants to kick out him.

Kapil Mishra, a new migraine to AAP – 

Kapil Mishra is the latest problem for AAP. Kapil Mishra has been alleging Mr. Kejriwal more than a week. But this time Kapil Mishra has been attacking Mr. Arvind with bullets inside gun. The complaints against Kejriwal and AAP are very serious that they can’t be believed but a family member knows the secret of family better than anyone.

Everyone believed in AAP, that they will fight against corruption but the reality is, AAP itself is involved in corruption according to Kapil Mishra.

Till now, whatever has happened with AAP, it is probably impossible for them to contest Lok Sabha election nation-wide in 2019. For a political party 2-3 years old are like 2-3 days of a child and hence this party is very near end, if they did not do anything to improve their image in front of people of India, because we people of India gives anyone chance at least 2 times but not third time, as first time was in 2013, second in 2015, now if AAP did not improved, it wil be all over for AAM AADMI PARTY. As its looking now, AAP has triggered self-destroying button, which is now proving to be a dangerous button for AAP. Hope that AAP won’t have a painful end.

Posted On : 20-May-2017

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