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Limelight seeking Alka Lamba disrupts fire fighting service

Limelight seeking Alka Lamba disrupts fire fighting service

In a shameless display of arrogance and the desire to hog limelight and trying to gain political mileage at the cost of others, Delhi AAP MLA, Alka Lamba yesterday caused disruption of fire tending services at her constituency Chandni Chowk.

At around 9 PM yesterday, fire broke out in the Katra Dhuliya market area in Chandi Chowk, New Delhi. Due to the highly inflammable synthetic materials and wood, the fire soon engulfed many shops. Narrow lanes made it difficult for the fire tenders to reach the spot. As soon as the fire service personnel started their work, Alka Lamba (the Aam Aadmi Party MLA) reached the spot and climbed the lift used to reach higher places. She not only climbed up but she showed victory sign as well. This caused delay in dousing fire for many minutes. The local shop keepers and businessmen started raising slogans against her and finally she came down but refused to get down from the fire truck.

The shop owners have squarely blamed Alka Lamba for the causing delay in dousing the fire which also resulted in more shops being gutted. A senior fire officer who was present at the spot mentioned that the lift that Alka lamba climbed on is a very sensitive piece of equipment and because of her climbing the lift got stalled.

 Alka Lamba’s drama did not end here. Due to her presence the police personnel present at the spot had to be diverted to ensure she left the area. When the police and fire service personnel tried to remove her from the spot, she flatly refused. It’s not the first time that the arrogance and high handed attitude of Alka Lamba is on display. In the year 2015, a CCTV footage from a sweet shop at Kashmere gate, New Delhi showed Alka Lamba and her supporters vandalizing the shop and later she denied this.

Alka Lamba needs to introspect that if the elected representatives behave in such a manner, what message are they passing on to the citizens? Such acts cause further trust deficits between the citizens and elected representatives of the country.

Posted On : 23-May-2017

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