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Congress stands with separatists, not a good sign for India

Congress stands with separatists, not a good sign for India

Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar headed a 5 member delegation to meet Hurriyat (M) chief Mir Waiz Umar farooq in Srinagar today.

Recently we saw stings on these separatists that they take money from Pakistan and ISI to create unrest in valley, still congress always choose path which is not in favor of India.

While entire country is standing with its Army, the congress party and its leaders went to meet separatists. Not only that they are even planning to meet with Syed Raja Geelani.

It is Congress that weakens Nation's strong stand against Anti-Nationals. How can we forget that this is the same man (Mani Shankar Aiyar) who went to Pakistan and pleaded them to derail Modi Government and after this meet Uri and Pathankot attacks happened.

Congress always kept Kashmir issue burning and alive, but this time when these separatists are exposed still these Congress leaders have no shame left. It is high time that Government and Nation take a strong step against these Anti Nationals.

Congress forgets that in this new era people are smart and they get to see each and every news. In last 2014 general elections people dragged Congress to 44 seats and if Congress continues to support anti-nationals like Geelanim then days are not far when PM Modi’s dream of Congress Mukt Bharat come true.

Posted On : 25-May-2017

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