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NDTV and Ravish Kumar another propaganda; targeting RWs now

NDTV and Ravish Kumar another propaganda; targeting RWs now

Arundhati Roy’s video of insulting Indian Army was going viral on social media and many Right Wingers’ (RW) websites published articles exposing her anti-national stand.

Also, recently elites like Nandini Sundar and Bela Bhatia were also exposed. The real face of Urban Naxal nexus is in front of the nation and we know who support them and why.

These elite urban Naxalities are now using Main Stream Media to malign RW. And NDTV with its Ravish Kumar speakes absolutely rubbish about Right Wingers even named many RW websites as center of fake news.

It clearly shows their frustration because people these days have become smart and trust more on social media news than paid news. We also know that NDTV viewership is merely 25,000 and there are rumors that soon it will be shut permanently.

In addition, the income tax department caught NDTV’s Prannoy Roy siphoning Rs.53.84 crores ($8 million) into his personal account. This came into light sometime in June 2016. The Income Tax and ED teams are still investigating. That said, they need to do some propaganda in order to run their media house and it seems to be easy to blame and accuse Right Wingers.

Watch the following video as to how he is targeting right wingers and their web sites openly. He is accusing that RW are given political training to spread lies through WhatsApp groups and is called Whatsapp University. He thinks RWs are responsible for mob lynching incidents.


This is the same man who blackened TV screen in support of Kanhaiya. Funny thing is that while expressing his outrage he called India as Sanatan Rashtra while they're torch bearers of Minority Appeasement. Shamelessly admitting if our report are fake then we will apologies later. This is probably the lowest level of Journalism in the history.

Posted On : 26-May-2017

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