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Narendra Bahuballi – THE BEGINNING

Narendra Bahuballi – THE BEGINNING

3 Years back on this day (26th May 2014), it was the fateful day when Narendra Damodardas Modi had taken oath as the Prime Minster or in his own words the Pradhan Sevak of this nation.

Lok Sabha elections of 2014 will be remembered for a long time. Since 1984, it has become the first Lok Sabha elections where a single party got a thumping majority on its own. With 282 MPs from BJP and NDA as a whole winning 336 seats out of 543 which was a record in itself. BJP had fought the lok sabha elections with complete focus on Modi which led to the famous one liner "ABKI BAAR MODI SARKAR" which had become a household word across the nation. Modi did not disappoint his party giving BJP a landslide majority for the first time since independence. Also with Amit Shah as the party president of BJP, there is one of the finest co-ordination between Government and the party. With Modi and Amit Shah taking complete control of the party, BJP has grown its footprint in the whole country even in states such as West Bengal, Kerela and Odisha where it was considered to be traditionally weak.

If BJP had relied on Modi to deliver them the Lok sabha elections, assembly elections were no exceptions either. Immediately after the Lok Sabha elections were followed by the Assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir. BJP pinned down its hopes on Modi to deliver this states. Modi relentless campaigned in all these states addressing 3-4 rallies every day. Such was BJP's faith in Modi that elections in these states were fought without any CM candidate. Results in all these assembly elections proved that Modi wave was still strong and had decimated his opponents. In Maharashtra BJP had become the single largest party securing 123 seats and with Sena's support formed the government. BJP secured complete majority in both Jharkhand and Haryana forming its own government for the first time in both these states. But the icing on the cake was the 25 seats which it secured in Jammu and Kashmir thereby forming its first government with PDP in a Muslim majority state.

2015 was the year which gave 2 setbacks to BJP, first was in Bihar by the Mahagathbandhan of Lalu, Nitish and Congress . The other one was in Delhi where Kejriwal who is a self-declared competitor of Modi handed him defeat. Immediately the knives were out on the duo of Modi and Amit Shah with senior leaders of BJP like LK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi questioning the workings style of Modi Shah duo. With back to back election defeats, Amit Shah had brainstorming sessions with senior BJP leaders and analyzed the reasons for defeat. This analysis proved to be very fruitful in 2016 as BJP won a thumping majority in Assam and formed its government for the first time along with its allies. Also, for the first time BJP had an elected representative from Kerela and had come second in many places in the elections.

2016 was a good year for BJP not only in terms of election results but also was a turning point for them. The Surgical strikes conducted by Indian Army after repeated infiltration attempts by Pakistani terrorists reconfirmed the fact that Modi would respond to Pakistan in their own language .With this one strike Modi had got his mojo back and his image of a no nonsense and tough on terrorism  was reconfirmed.

If 2016 was a turning point for BJP, 2017 proved to be a game changer. BJP secured a thumping majority in Uttar Pradesh securing a mammoth 325 seats out of 403 seats. Same magic was replicated in Uttarakhand where BJP won a massive 57 seats securing a three fourth's majority. Elections were fought in both these states banking on Modi's Charishma and his connect with people. Wins in these state elections had proved the point that the controversial decision of demonetizing currency notes of 500 and 1000 was a masterstroke by Modi which gave him the pro-poor image and which completely decimated the opposition's claims that this scheme would be disastrous for BJP. Now the opposition is in complete disarray and their only way to defeat BJP seems to be a grand alliance. With 2019 lok sabha elections still 2 years away Modi and Shah are taking no chances and are working overtime to strengthen the party in weaker states. But with the recent wins in U.P and Uttarakhand and a weak opposition completely destroyed, 2019 lok sabha elections seems to be going only one way forward , the MODI way.

The real super Hero Narendra Bahuballi – THE BEGINNING.

Posted On : 26-May-2017

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