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Congress another shameful act; butchered cows openly in Kerala

Congress another shameful act; butchered cows openly in Kerala

The Ministry of Environment and Forests notified new rules under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act on the 25th of May 2017. This rule bans sale of cattle for slaughter in all the open markets across the country.

However all the non-BJP parties are expressing their disagreements towards this decision. Particularly in Kerala, heavy protests are being carried out. Young Congress Workers who butchered cows openly and even carried out the trade normally. This act of slaughtering the cows while chanting Vande Mataram and putting those on display is not only shameful but extremely disrespectful towards the center.

Slaughtering cows just to prove a political point of view even though its punishable by law is as stupid as murdering a person just to show how it’s done. Congress leader, who demanded punishment for Ganesh Joshi in the Shaktiman (the horse) case, is now openly supporting cow slaughter. Isn’t it shows his hypocrisy?

In addition, the well know Congress leader who was supporting ban on Jallikattu and was talking about cruelty on animals is now condemning this ban on the name of freedom. Here is his 2 tweets –

Unfortunately for the Congress, this act has dented whatever remote chances it had in next elections particularly in Rajasthan, MP and Gujarat. Kerala further arranged beef fests as a protest against the cow slaughter ban and Congress party workers have been asked to give least importance to the ban.

In the present scenario of our country what we don't need is any more communal tension causing national unrest in yet another direction. Hopefully this will end soon and people will settle down for some good old chicken wings instead!

Posted On : 28-May-2017

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