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Congress all set to drown in cow's blood; just wait and watch

Congress all set to drown in cow's blood; just wait and watch

It’s quite common to see rival political parties engage in mudslinging and leaving no opportunity to denounce and criticize each other. But if there is an exception to this fact, it has to be the grand old party of the country, Congress. Congress leaders seem to leave no opportunity to hit self-goals. In the last few years we have seen Congress getting decimated in elections one after the other. The biggest reason for their political debacle is the big void in leadership and total disconnect with public sentiments.

Proving their ignorance of public sentiments, the Kerala Congress slaughtered a cow openly protesting the center’s new law on ban of sale of cattle for slaughter. In a single stroke Congress leaders have done in Kerala what BJP has been trying to do for years. Congress has proved that they do not care about what a common man thinks. Congress has shown that their focus of politics is merely the Gandhi Nehru family. Anything not related to Gandhi Nehru family is irrelevant and unworthy of second thought. And now in the current scenario, their entire politics is simply centered on hatred for Modi. And in this race to show who hates Modi more and score brownies with the High command in Delhi, the Kerala Youth Congress leaders have perhaps committed a political hara-kiri by going ahead with slaughtering a cow and hurting the sentiments of Millions of Hindus across the country. They have yet again portrayed an anti-Hindu image of themselves.

There has been a massive backlash against the Congress on social media. People have made it clear that they would give their reply in the elections. Such has been the scale of backlash that the Office of the Congress VP Rahul Gandhi tweeted condemning the act after 2 days of the incident. But this is seen as a mere damage control effort. It’s too little and too late. This is a nightmare situation for Congress with the upcoming elections in 2018. 6 states, Gujarat, Nagaland, Karnataka, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh and Tripura will go to polls in less than 10 months.

This incident is surely going to turn into a big electoral issue. Though Congress may try to distance itself from the incident which they already seem to be trying, BJP on the other hand will try to ensure that the controversy remains fresh in the minds of the people and it’s not difficult in today's times of social media. The cow slaughter video has gone viral and being shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and all other medium of Social Media. Congress needs a divine intervention to come out of this mess. But I am pretty sure they have offended God as well by slaughtering an innocent life for the sake of political protest.

Posted On : 29-May-2017

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