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NDTV caught red handed supporting and protecting Congress

NDTV caught red handed supporting and protecting Congress

NDTV has once again proved that it has mastered the art of contorting and distorting news. They present the news to suit the narrative which is anything but the truth. In the case of the cow slaughtering in Kerala by Youth Congress leaders, NDTV has tweeted that the Kerala police has filed a case against Youth congress leaders for allegedly slaughtering a buffalo.

Please pay attention to 2 words – "Allegedly" and "Buffalo". Entire country has seen the video which clearly shows that a cow was slaughtered. But for NDTV this is still an allegation and the cow has transformed into a Buffalo. In their article on their website on the same incident, they have referred to slaughtering of an Ox.

Here is the link to verify it –

This is evidence enough that NDTV is trying it's best to create confusion in the minds of the people as usual. NDTV is trying to cover up for the uncomfortable mess created by their political masters. With ever diminishing viewership NDTV has still not realized that with so many different mediums of obtaining actual facts, viewers are no longer interested in seeing NDTV dance to the tune of its political masters and peddle lies in the name of news.

This is not the first time that NDTV has deliberately twisted and manipulated facts. During the JNU incident NDTV made all efforts to prove that the videos showing the Azaadi league shouting anti national slogans were doctored. NDTV is always the first to down play terrorists and try to add a human angle to the story. We all remember how Burhan Wani was being projected as the son of a poor village school headmaster.

Every time we think NDTV has stooped to the lowest level in journalism, they come up with more and surprise us by stooping even lower. But this time NDTV has been caught red handed.

Posted On : 29-May-2017

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