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PeTA India - A biased and good for nothing organization

PeTA India  - A biased and good for nothing organization

PETA India a charitable organization working for the welfare of animals. PETA stands for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals. Their job is to encourage people to save animals from inhuman practices and they've played a vital role in putting a ban on the use of animals in movies, circuses etc.

Now, let's see another side of the mirror.

PETA always raised voice for no crackers on Diwali as animals get scared and sometimes become deaf too. They supported waterless Holi for the safety animals as Holi’s colors harm animals’ skin. They filed petition in the court for putting a complete ban of traditional Jallikattu (which is a bull taming festival not harming the bulls).

However, they never raised any voice or protest for bloodless Eid, nor they ever condemned animals being slaughtered on this festival.

Three days ago, Kerala Youth Congress slaughtered a cow in the broad light just to protest anti-cow slaughter law introduced by Central Government. The whole nation saw how they shamelessly butchered a cow publicly. This act of savage is facing outrage in the entire nation and might haunt congress as well for years but during all this we haven’t heard a single word from an organization fighting for Animals. Why PETA India is maintained complete silence on this incident.

The strongest action PETA could take on Kerala incident is appreciating Rahul Gandhi for condemning the incident. Is this all what they can do and is this all what we expect from PETA.

Now, the question arises is – what is the credibility of a biased organization like PETA? What is their motive behind this biasness? This is not first time when something like this has happened in the country and PETA India chose to keep mum. It’s becoming very obvious that they are against one religion and its festivals only.

At this moment we can only say - #PetaIndiaGoBack

Posted On : 29-May-2017

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