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Yogi's high flying ministers and MLAs taking thumping majority for granted

Yogi's high flying ministers and MLAs taking thumping majority for granted

After the resounding success in the UP assembly elections which resulted in a thumping majority for the BJP, the ministers and MLAs of the BJP government seem to have become arrogant and ignorant at the same time. Few weeks ago a BJP MLA Radha Mohan Singh was seen getting into an ugly spat with an IPS officer in Gorapkhpur. The MLA has again landed into controversy and this time due to some absurd comment, while talking to a woman, regarding whether her children were born together or at different times.

And as if Radha Mohan Singh wasn’t embarrassing Yogi enough, Women and Child welfare minister in the Yogi government, Swati Singh, has courted controversy by inaugurating a beer bar in the capital of UP Lucknow. Swati Singh's pictures inaugurating the bar in Gomti Nagar have gone viral. Chief Minister Yogi took cognizance and has asked for an explanation from the minister. The opposition has criticized the minister heavily and accused BJP of adopting double standards which is actually true. In addition to the minister, 2 IPS officers have also landed in trouble. Both officers were marked present on duty but they were attending the bar inauguration.

In many parts of UP, women's group have staged protests against liquor shops and have also vandalized a lot of them. With such strong existing public sentiments against liquor vends, a minister inaugurating a beer bar has surely rubbed many people the wrong way. Hope the Chief Minister is able to reign in such ministers and MLAs soon else all his good work would be over shadowed by such ignorant rogues.

Posted On : 30-May-2017

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