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The cowardice of terrorists in Kashmir

The cowardice of terrorists in Kashmir

When we hear news about terrorists in Kashmir, the image that props in the mind is a well-built person holding a big gun and threatening the Indian armed forces and calling on all civilians in Kashmir to rise against the army. But one thing has become very clear. All the bravado and courage and determination seen in the videos released by the terrorists is just a well-rehearsed and well enacted skit. Behind the scenes these terrorists are a bunch of cowards who hide behind innocent unarmed civilians when cornered.

Reports have come out which tell us that the once dreaded terrorist, Sabzar Bhat, was desperately seeking help from stone pelters when surrounded by the Indian Army. These good for nothing shameless scaredy-cats piss in their pants the moment they come face to face with the Indian Army. Similar reports were shared after the death of Burhan Wani, when surrounded by the army he had started crying.

If these terrorists are so brave then why don't they come out and fight like real men. Why hide behind civilians? Or maybe all this talk of freedom struggle and giving up life seems just to be under the influence of drugs. If that is so then it’s some real good stuff these sissies seem to be smoking. But what these handful of people do not understand is, dying with honor, dignity and courage is reserved for righteous people who take up arms for defending the nation. Martyrdom is exclusive for the men of courage and velour like those of the Indian Army. For the mindless freaks who just love to trot around with a gun and bully others, their death is just like that of a mad rabid dog being hunted down mercilessly. This path of despair and agony is the path that the terrorists have themselves chosen and for all of them it will end in pleading for one’s life and begging for mercy when the end is near.

Posted On : 31-May-2017

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