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Declare Cow as national Animal - Rajasthan High Court

Declare Cow as national Animal - Rajasthan High Court

In what would be a massive boost to the BJP's stand on Cow slaughter, the Rajasthan High Court has asked the Center to declare Cow as the national animal. The High Court has also advised that the penalty for cow slaughter should be increased from currently 3 years to Life imprisonment. The High court was hearing a case regarding the management of a cow shelter near Jaipur when it made these comments. The observations by the High Court gains significance after protests broke out in Kerala and Tamilnadu which was against the Centre's notification banning sale of cows for slaughter.

Yesterday an IIT Chennai Phd student was beaten up after he had participated in a "Beef fest" in the campus protesting against Centre's notification. A similar protest in Bangalore turned violent when a handful of SFI students clashed with another group which was protesting against the protests.

India as a country has seen many issues which have divided the society but perhaps for the first time we have a Centre vs States face off with Kerala, West Bengal and Karnataka refusing to abide by Centre's directives.

Posted On : 31-May-2017

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