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Mockery of Board Exams in Bihar yet again

Mockery of Board Exams in Bihar yet again

After making a mockery of Board exams last year, Bihar School Examination Board has made a laughing stock of itself this year again. In a not so shocking aspect of education in Bihar, this year’s Arts topper Ganesh Kumar was found struggling to give answers to basic questions related to music and songs. Ganesh Kumar has scored 65/70 in Music practical but when reporters and journalists asked him to play some instruments, he was seen struggling even to sing and play the basic notes on a harmonium and all people could hear was cacophony.

Last year there was a huge controversy when the Science topper in Bihar Board's 12th exams, Saurabh Shreshtha, could not answer basic chemistry questions. To a question, he answered that Aluminum was the most reactive element. On the other hand the Arts stream topper Ruby Rai could not even correctly name the subject in which she had exceled. When asked about her best subject she had said "Prodigal science" and that the subject was related to cooking skills. She had meant to say Political Science.

After the last year's fiasco the Bihar Board officials had admitted to serious lapses and promised to ensure strict vigilance this time around. But these seem to be only on papers. Though just 36% students managed to pass the 12th board exams this year due to strict marking, the existing rot in the state's education system still exists. The cheats who make money by manipulating the education system are smiling all the way to the banks, but the dreams and aspirations of deserving students who put in real hard work are simply being crushed. But again what else can we expect from a state whose former chief minister, convicted in a scam, is caught on tape talking to dreaded jailed criminal taking instructions on police deployment and no action is taken by the state government. It is indeed a Jungleraj in Bihar. Be it law and order or education, the state of affairs is indeed dismal.

Posted On : 01-Jun-2017

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