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NDTV arrogance behavior; shuts Sambit Patra from debate

NDTV arrogance behavior; shuts Sambit Patra from debate

NDTV leaving no stone unturned to add fire to Beef issue in India. Central Govt has passed a law implementing restrictions on selling of cattle in open market; this law had left many sufferings with constipation. Some are slaughtering Cattles publicly while some are organizing beef fests. How can NDTV lag behind in this rat race and so they first changed cow slaughter to Ox and then to buffalo slaughter in their news. They themselves were confused whether to brand it Ox or Buffalo but one thing they were sure of that it was not a Cow and that NDTV has to defend Congress.

Now organizing prime time debates to prove BJP imposing beef ban is a wrong move. When BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra bravely exposed them on their own channel, NDTV anchor Nidhi Razdan shut him out. Dr Sambit Patra said that NDTV is running an agenda which doesn't needs a second thought, everyone knows their anti-national, anti-Hindu stand. This almost rattled Nidhi Razdan and she asked Sambit to either apologize or leave the show. Dr Sambit refused to apologize and chose to leave the show in between. He further said he didn't said anything wrong, he wasn't given any chance to speak.

Jealous or insecure anchor even said that Sambit should 'go to channels who are glorified versions of doordarshan’. This show the frustration of a seasoned journalist like Nidhi Rajdan who is directly commenting on doordarshan thinking NDTV has better viewership but she forgot that NDTV has now merely ~25,000 viewership.


Once Arnab Goswami did the same but he did that because the lady panelist was disrespecting the nation and its integrity. BJP must take a tough stand on it and must boycott NDTV for any debates.

No minister should give them any media bytes. Their TRP is already lowest but what is more important for Paid Media to realize is #Nationalism is trending in India.

Posted On : 02-Jun-2017

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