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Bomb hit on target, Satyendra Jain under CBI for 8 Hours

Bomb hit on target, Satyendra Jain under CBI for 8 Hours

Kapil Mishra seems to be after Kejriwal and his party AAP over the last few weeks and will not leave stone unturned unless AAP comes to an end. Mishra is actually true in proving that Kejriwal has failed to bring out his clean and ennoble image in front of people of India and Delhi.

Recently Kapil Mishra has filed a complaint against Kejriwal’s right hand and Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain in Money laundering case in Anti-Corruption Bureau. According to the registered complaint, Jain has allegedly turned black money of Rs. 4.63 crores into white in 2015-2016 while he was a public servant through Prayas Info Solutions Private Limited, Akinchan Developers Private Limited and Managlayatan Projects Private Limited.

He also alleged that Jain was involved the money laundering of Rs. 11.78 crores during 2010- 2012 through these companies along with Indometal Impex Private limited.

Jain was questioned at the CBI headquarters in South Delhi’s Lodhi Road Area on Thursday. The questioning was started at 11:00 A.M. and ended at around 7:30 P.M. and he might be called and questioned again, said the CBI officials. CBI in April delved against Jain and registered a prelude enquiry (Preliminary Enquiry) against AAP leader.

The role of the Delhi health minister is already under the scanner of the CBI in two other cases – one related to the appointment of his daughter Soumay Jain as adviser to the Delhi government’s health department and another related to the appointment of his officer-on- special duty (OSD), Dr. Nikunj Aggrawal.

“We called Mr. Jain to the CBI headquarters to obtain his response to the allegations leveled against him” said the spokesperson of the agency R.K. Gaur.

CBI sources claimed Jain quit his positions in these companies, but continued to control them unconventionally during his tenure as a government servant. He is also accused of buying agricultural land through felonious cash routed through these firms.

“Jain is charged with acquiring agriculture land in Delhi worth over Rs. 27 crores through private companies, and misusing his official position to regularize illegal colonies in the capital” the CBI official said.

So, till now, AAP has been fighting to its own members and so far, they have unable to compete with the power of Truth. Kapil Mishra, who is running behind Kejriwal and some current members of AAP seems to be winning this race. As a matter of fact, Kejriwal and co are now in deep- deep trouble.

Posted On : 02-Jun-2017

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