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India Pak cricket match; should India play or not

India Pak cricket match; should India play or not

A small conversation between the two –

"Need to get my regular checkup done but I'm so busy on the weekdays!"

"Get it done on the coming Sunday then."

"Are you out of your mind?"

"What? Why?"

"Coming Sunday is going to be war day remember? India Pakistan match bruh!! I'm not leaving my couch the entire day. Not unless there's a zombie apocalypse or something!"

Well that's how excited everyone is about the India-Pakistan match. It has always been this way except that this time, some people don't want the match to happen at all.

The India Pakistan border tension has only increased in the recent times with the killing of army officers. According to veteran actor Anupam Kher – India should refrain from playing with Pakistan in the upcoming champions Trophy 2017.

The Pakistan Cricket Board seems to be miffed with BCCI for pulling out of the bilateral series. Former Pakistani player Amir Sohail explained his displeasure regarding the same during an interview yesterday when he stated that if India has indeed taken a strong stand against Pakistan in case of cricket then they should not play in the ICC games either. He was supported by Indian bowler Harbhajan Singh and former Indian cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin.

Meanwhile Afghanistan called off ODI series with Pakistan after the Kabul Terror Attack which is being appreciated by quite a few Indians who are citing this as an example of showing indifference towards the violence without being violent.

The cricket fan in me thinks that reclining from the bilateral series was our bit and we did that but an ICC event should not be made a huge deal out of. But going by the current situation, it might not be a bad thing to do. Let's see what's going to happen and in the meantime let's cheer out loud - INDIA INDIA INDIA!!!

Posted On : 02-Jun-2017

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