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CPM austerity drama, suspends MP for lavish lifestyle

CPM austerity drama, suspends MP for lavish lifestyle

After losing relevance in national politics and struggling to retain whatever presence it has in Tripura and Kerala, CPM has now started resorting to theatrics to posture itself as a party with ideology. CPM Rajya Sabha member Ritabrata Banerjee has been suspended from the party for 3 months for his acts of indiscretion and lavish lifestyle which is allegedly against party ethos.

The MP has been criticized previously too for sporting an Apple watch and a Mont Blanc pen. CPM may be trying to cover up this whole issue merely as a lesson to confirm to its ideology, but there is surely a deepening rift in the party after successive poll debacles. The latest of which was the Delhi municipal elections where CPM managed to get less than 10,000 votes in all, whereas the NOTA (None of the above – meaning voter doesn’t want to vote any of the listed candidate) got as much as 50,000 which is much more than what CPM got.

There seems to be a struggle between the old guards and the new faces and this struggle is surely going to prove disastrous for the party which already seems to be breathing its last.

Posted On : 02-Jun-2017

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