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Sidhu took minority appeasement to another level; weakening students unity

Sidhu took minority appeasement to another level; weakening students unity

CM of Karnataka has been failed so far to overcome the problems of Karnataka. He is now following the other seculars CMs on India and has started appeasing minority community.

CM of Karnataka has recently announced that the bus passes will be free for the students, who belong to SC/ST. Yes, this rule is to appease the minorities of Karnataka.

Students of Karnataka, till now, were paying 25% of their bus ticket but after this official announcement the SC/ST students will pay zero but the majority will continue to pay what they were paying before. One has to understand that after this decision the unity among students will be weakened and this would further dig gap between communities.

The announcement was made on Friday after a meeting was held to review the progress of Welfare Programs for the SC/ ST communities at Vidhana Soudha. The move is expected to encompass an additional cost of Rs. 1.4 Billion (Rs. 104 crore) which would be provided from the SC and ST Development Corporations, Siddaramiah, the CM of Karnataka said.

He also suggested the officials to come out with a program to serve eggs for free, as a part of diet of girl students in SC/ST Government Hostel, at least 4 days a week.

This is a fine move to make the bus passes free, but won’t this offer create further division among students. Students are already divided by the term called ‘reservation’.

The Karnataka CM either would have encompassed all the students or would not make such announcement. We, instead of creating a rift, should unite the students, and make them feel the freedom of being equal.

It is good that the CM is concerned about the future of impecunious, but instead of giving the offer to only the particular community he would have given this over to the students who are below poverty line. He should have given that on the basis impecuniously. Appeasement will never lead us to the India we see in our dreams.

Posted On : 04-Jun-2017

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