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Terrorist Zakir Musa exposes the hidden Kashmiri Agenda

Terrorist Zakir Musa exposes the hidden Kashmiri Agenda

It has finally taken a terrorist Zakir Musa to call Kashmiri separatists bluff of peddling Kashmir as a political issue. Few days ago Zakir Musa who was then associated with Hizbul Mujahideen had threatened to kill the Hurriyat leaders if they kept calling Kashmir issue a political struggle. In his message he had made it clear that the struggle in Kashmir was to establish Shari'a law. This did not go down well with the master minds across the border as their hidden agenda was exposed by their own. Soon Musa was disowned by Hizbul.

Musa who is now associated with Al Qaeda has released a new audio where he has slammed the Indian Muslims for talking about peace and not taking part in Gazwa-e-Hind, the final push to conquer India. He went to call Indian Muslims shameless for not participating in the Jihad. He further added that Indian Muslims are not worthy of calling themselves Muslims if they do not participate in the struggle. Without mincing words Zakir Musa has said that this is a struggle between Islam and Infidels and that one day Shari'a will be implemented, not just in India but the entire world.

What more proof do our liberals and Kashmiri separatists sympathizers need that this is not a political struggle for self-determination as they like to portray the Kashmir issue. Kashmiri Pandit's exodus was merely the first step in the direction of Islamization of Kashmir. It changed the demography of the state for easy spread of radical Islam. An entire generation after that has been brought up brain washed into thinking that India has forcefully occupied their homeland and this very generation has become a puppet in the Islamic conflict disguised as freedom struggle. The peaceniks that go knocking at the doors of Hurriyat are just playing into their hands by providing credence to the farcical freedom struggle narrative. Be it political leaders blinded by their hatred for Modi and BJP or the "intellectual frauds" masquerading as journalists and writers and thinkers, it’s high time they realize and accept that Kashmir is not a political struggle. It’s an extended playground of the ISIS and Talibans of the world.

Indian army must be given complete control of Kashmir under President's rule to weed out this evil of radical Islam from Kashmir once and forever.

Posted On : 06-Jun-2017

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