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Indian Muslims responded to Terrorist Zakir Musa's comment on unworthy Muslims

Indian Muslims responded to Terrorist Zakir Musa's comment on unworthy Muslims

Eminent Muslim scholars and activists have lashed out at Zakir Musa for inciting Indian Muslims to pick up arms and join the struggle for establishing Islamic laws in India. AIMMM which is the umbrella organization of 14 Muslim organizations have said that its people like Zakir Musa who are the cause of Islamophobia worldwide. But then this raises many questions on the selective outbursts of these activists. Is their outburst only a result of the insulting remarks by Zakir for Indian Muslims? Is this criticism of Musa only because Zakir called Indian Muslims unworthy of being a Muslim? Has this turned out to be a debate on who are the real Muslims?

If we look at the recent past, these questions are bound to come up. Where was the outburst of these Muslims when thousands attended the funeral of the terrorist Yakub Memon? Where was this outburst when Durga Puja pandals were attacked in West Bengal? Where was this outburst when during the Azad Maidan protests in Mumbai women constables were molested and harassed and when the Amar jawan Jyoti was desecrated by Muslim miscreants?

We have only one thing to say to these eminent scholars, more than the terrorists its people like you who are the cause of Islamophobia. Its people like you who choose to keep quiet for your petty politics. It's common knowledge that the AIMMM bosses have always been associated with Congress or lean towards it. If thousands of people attending Yakub Memon's funeral was ok for these scholars, then why all these hullabaloo against Zakir Musa. Isn't he also on the same path as Yakub?

Posted On : 07-Jun-2017

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