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J&K Situation - will there ever be any solution to this problem

J&K Situation - will there ever be any solution to this problem

My blood boils whenever stones being pelted at our army-men by the jihadis and separatists. These jihadis and seperatists want the same Army-men’s help whenever there is a flood-like situation in Kashmir.

There was a time when Kashmir was full of Kashmiri Pandits who were unceremoniously exited by separatists and terrorists and many of the Pandits were forced to go out of J&K for fear of life as many women were raped and killed.  Even now if proper protection is ensured to these Pandits, they are ready to relocate back to Kashmir and lead a peaceful life.

Political parties have virtually spoilt the life of J&K citizens, be it National Conference lead by father and son duo of Farooq Abdulla and Omar Abdullah or PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed. 

I literally danced with joy on the day Surgical attack was carried on PoK (Pak occupied Kashmir) by our Indian Armymen.  As a result of this surgical attack, there were many Pak armymen and terrorists were killed. I thank our PM, Shri  Narendra Modi and wished he could go ahead and eliminate all the terrorists and Pak armymen.  I was expecting many more such attacks, but off late, even our PM seems to have become silent (or is he waiting for any perfect time?).

Many of our Indian soldiers are being mercilessly killed by Pak army and our PM, defense minister and Home minister seem to be doing nothing other than condoning such barbaric acts. There were many journalists who opposed the surgical attacks or they did not believe a surgical attack had taken place.  Some useless politicians (read Arvind Kejriwal, RaGa) even started asking for proofs of surgical attacks being conducted by the Indian Army.

The constipated faces of Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Desai, Sagarika Ghose and Sudheendra Kulkarni looked as though they were mourning the deaths of Pakistan armymen and terrorists.  It is so disheartening to note that in spite of many of our soldiers being martyred by Pakistan Army, the congress leader Digvijay Singh wants to continue the dialogue between India and Pak.  I just wonder, to what extent these filthy Politicians can stoop to keep their minorities votes intact.

It is so unfortunate to see stones being pelted at our soldiers by the jihadis and separatists. They are encouraging school-going kids to do such heinous acts on our armymen. Democratically elected combination of PDP- BJP at J&K seems to be doing nothing to stop stone pelting.  It is a pity that our armymen have to go through all these nuisance.  What would be going on in their minds?  They too are human beings (in fact, they are super human beings) who are ready to sacrifice their precious life for our sake.  Is this what we give them in return? I would urge our PM to give them full power to handle stone pelters.  These Jihadi stone pelters who shout Azaadi, Azaadi should be treated as terrorists and they need to be eliminated without giving a second thought.  There is a great need of internal surgical attack to be conducted to silence these stone pelters at the earliest.

The taxpayers’ money should not be wasted on people like Geelani who happens to be a separatist Hurriyat leader.  They are the same people who came in large numbers to offer their condolences to Burhan Wani when our armymen killed this dreaded terrorist.  If need be, President's Rule should be imposed in J&K by giving full powers to our armymen to control the stone pelters.  Vote bank politics to appease minorities by all political parties has to stop.

I would like to see a day when all the Kashmiri Pundits return to their motherland (J&K) and start leading a peaceful life.   Dear PM, can you ensure this happening under your leadership?

Meta Bharat Mahaan!!!

-- Vijay P

Posted On : 07-Jun-2017

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