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Congress Blood Stained Hand, Staged Protests in MP and Maharashtra

Congress Blood Stained Hand, Staged Protests in MP and Maharashtra

The current political scenario of the country is more like a page taken out of a movie script where the antagonists join hand with a corrupt politician and they fuel riots to blame and shame the government in power. After being pushed to the sidelines in national politics and losing relevance after consecutive poll defeats the opposition parties have now turned to time and tested dirty politics. One after the other, violent protests and riots are now being proved to be orchestrated by the opposition parties to instill resentment and anger amongst the voters. Be it Saharanpur riots in Uttar Pradesh last month or the ongoing so called farmers protest in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, opposition parties have gone all out to create some context where they can question the BJP governments.

Clear evidence has now emerged that the rioters in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra are all congress workers and leaders who have hijacked the initial Farmer's protest. Attempts were made to raise tensions and fuel further violence by showcasing dead bodies of Kashmiri militants as farmers killed in Mandsaur.

In Madhya Pradesh the actual farmer's protest was called off on 1st June. Then out of nowhere, violent protests broke out after 4 days. Numerous Congress leaders have been caught on camera creating ruckus in the name of farmers. The Indore Congress leader Jitu Patwari has been caught on camera instigating rioters who ended up looting several shops. And as usual after inflicting pain and suffering on numerous people through his own men, the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi shamelessly reached Mandsaur for tragedy tourism. Despite being asked by the administration not to go to Mandsaur, Rahul Gandhi with his sense of being a "Prince" and rightful heir to the throne of India, pushed and manhandled on duty police officials and went ahead with his trip. If he thinks he is so important and people listen to him, we wonder why he couldn't appeal for people to stay calm and show restraint when riots broke out? The blood of many innocent people is on the hands of the Congress. What is happening in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra is anything but a farmer's protest. After all which farmer would go ahead and loot toll booths and burn down buses with women and children in it? All this seems to be an attempt by the Congress to deviate attention from the huge backlash it has faced after its party-men openly butchered a cow in Kerala.

The Shivraj Singh government is also equally responsible for failing to contain and arrest these Congress rioters. Strong action should have been taken on the first day itself and perhaps that would have stopped the riots to spread to other parts of Madhya Pradesh. Suspending and transferring police officials and district officials is not going to put an end to this farce protests.

Posted On : 09-Jun-2017

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