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Is Waiving off farmers loan the only solution

Is Waiving off farmers loan the only solution

Since childhood we were taught a slogan - Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan given by Prime Minister of India Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri in the year 1965. The current Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi extended this slogan and said Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan and Jai Vigyan. It sounds good as a slogan right? Jawan, Kisan and Vigyan  are the most valuable assets of our country. If they are in trouble then so are we.

Few days back a group of farmers from Tamil Nadu were protesting in Delhi against the government. During those reporting I came through a photo where I saw a food packet which mentioned the name of a restaurant. They can afford these. No issues. They also have right to enjoy to the fullest. They were raising voice to waive off their loans. Anyone can understand that if someone requests to waive off loan then it means that the borrower cannot pay the loan. In such a bad condition, can anyone afford food from the restaurant? In all, once can smell that possibly the protestors were politically motivated by the oppositions.

The recent incident of Madhya Pradesh, a group of farmers are protesting, that too in a brutal manner. Sadly few of our farmers passed away during all this.

Based on a report, farming in India is becoming less profitable occupation, mostly due to the rise in the initial cost and the inability of government to pay them the desirable cost. Government has set up an authority to decide MSP (Minimum Selling Price) to facilitate farmers. FCI is one of the major buyer. In the year, when the production is low and/or demand is high, these farmers sell their crops/products at a higher rate than MSP that too to private buyers. But when there is prodigality, it is difficult to even find buyers for them.

This issue needs an urgent resolution. There should be some standard by which farmers should sell their crops without making over-profit or under-profit.

Why farmers suffer from heavy loans is because the sales person of banks target farmers and offer them attractive terms, but the result is that farmers are unable to repay on time. Hence they show agitations on streets or end up committing suicide.

Farmers and their issues have become political propaganda. Before elections every party tries to please farmers considering most of the voters are from village or small town areas but after election the same political parties start playing with them. Few years back Mamata Banaejee stood in a protest in Singhboom, resulting huge victory in West Bengal Election. During UP elections, BJP promised UP farmers of waiving their loan and Yogi Government actually did the same as promised.

But the growing means of communication triggered these loan waive off scheme to the farmers of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra (BJP ruled state) resulting in agitation. So far according to the media reports, Congress is behind this conspiracy and state government needs to act instead of sitting on fact before it is too late. 

Posted On : 10-Jun-2017

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