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83 percent Indians happy with economy - Demonetization criticism blows in the face of Congress

83 percent Indians happy with economy - Demonetization criticism blows in the face of Congress

When Prime Minister Modi announced the massive demonetization step on 8 November 2016, the opposition parties were up in arms against the government. They tried to fuel anger and resentment amongst the common people of this country. However, huge wins for the BJP in consecutive elections post demonetization has confirmed that despite all the problems people of the country faced for few months, they are with the government. People see demonetization as a huge step against corruption.

This sentiment has been further strengthened by the results released by Pew Research Center survey of global economic attitudes. As per their survey conducted between February 21 and March 10, Indians have the most positive view of their economy in the developing world. 83% of the Indians view the economic condition of the country as good and only 12% of those surveyed see the economic condition as bad.

Bruce Stokes, the director of the Pew Research Centre, says, “While such optimism might seem to flow logically from positive sentiment about current economic conditions, Indians are among only a handful of nations where public feel good about current economic conditions and good about the future. In contrast, in Europe and the United States, those who feel good about the economy today are, nonetheless, generally negative about their kids’ prospects.”

Only 3 countries – Netherlands, Germany and Sweden were ahead of India with figures between 84 and 87%.

This survey result should be a jolt to the opposition parties of India specially the Congress who tried to paint a doomsday scenario post demonetization. Just a day before the survey was released, Congress working committee had come down heavily on the government. Former Congress Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had blamed demonetization for the slowdown in economy and expressed serious concern over the situation. He was referring to the 1% drop in GDP growth for the first quarter which was also predicted by the government.

The GDP growth is expected to be back on tracks in the coming months. As far as the Modi government is concerned, it should be a huge boost to the moral seeing the kind of upbeat mood in the country. And perhaps Congress would like to get down from its intellectual high throne and try to get in sync with the public sentiments.

Posted On : 12-Jun-2017

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