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Rabri Devi regressive mentality, doesn't need malls going daughter-in-law

Rabri Devi regressive mentality, doesn't need malls going daughter-in-law

On the occasion of her husband's 70th birthday, Bihar former Chief Minister Rabri Devi said that she wants a daughter-in-law who doesn't go to movies and malls. Instead she wants her daughter-in-law to take care of the household and who respects the elders. This statement might be considered by many as a personal choice but it reflects a deep set regressive mentality which is still prevalent even among those who hold high offices, and in turn nullifies efforts made by the government for education and equal employment opportunities for women.

Rabri Devi is the former Chief Minister of Bihar and the wife of a former Chief Minister Lalu Prasand Yadav. Her sons are ministers in the current Nitish Kumar government in Bihar. Her views demand contemplation. Of course the liberals and the feminist brigade would conveniently ignore these comments as it comes from the wife of one of the most vocal persons behind the anti-Modi brigade, but it reflects on our society as a whole and more so reflects on the selective outrage by the Presstitutes. What did Rabri Devi even mean when she said she doesn't want a daughter-in-law who is fond of going to movies and malls? Did she mean that the girls who do visit the malls and go for movies are in anyway lesser than those who don't? This draws parallel with the views of the male chauvinists for whom women are meant to produce children and cook food. How is Rabri Devi's comment any less insulting, ridiculous and outrageous than those who recently slut shamed Fatima Sana Sheikh and Priyanka Chopra for the dress they wore? How is Rabri Devi different from those for whom women are either a sex object or an unpaid labour at home?

Imagine the same scenario where such a statement would have come from a BJP leader's wife. By this time the news channels would have run numerous debates on women's rights and equality. I wonder where are the liberal women's right activists like Shobha De and the journalists like Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt and Nidhi Razdan who talk about rights and liberalism at the drop of a hat. Have they now chosen to ignore the issue which is related to one of their political masters?

Posted On : 12-Jun-2017

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