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Congress anti Army stand is proved once again. Why such comments are not charged under sedition

Congress anti Army stand is proved once again. Why such comments are not charged under sedition

There is nothing more dangerous for a nation like India than its politicians abusing the men who stand firm on the border. The reason being that, India is confronted with serious external threats from Pakistan and China, and internal ones from terror organisations and Maoists. In such a scenario, it is imperative for the politicians to back the Army to the hilt.

Sadly, the Congress party has disintegrated beyond repair. Targeting Prime Minister Modi is a part and parcel of politics, but there is absolutely no justification for making slandering comments on the Chief of Army Staff. Absolutely none.

Sandeep Dikshit recently made a despicable statement on our COAS when he called him a ‘sadak ka gunda’. So, a dynast whose mother is responsible for massive corruption as a Chief Minister will abuse a man who has put his life on the line for the nation?

I wonder why such comments are not charged under sedition. There exists a line between freedom of speech and blatantly maligning the most pious institution in the country, our armed forces, and political parties like the Congress, AAP and the CPI must recognize it.

Also, if this comment isn’t sedition, then what is? Aren’t we allowing too much freedom to such narcissists to speak whatever the hell they want? The biggest mistake we are making as a nation by not charging such statements with sedition is that we’re emboldening them to go one step ahead in their hatred towards the Army.

This statement by Dikshit also shows how the Congress party is an organisation that’s anti-Army. They had questioned the surgical strikes, then they opposed Major Gogoi’s brave decision to tie-up a stone-pelter to his jeep, and now this. The Congress party’s hatred for Prime Minister Modi has turned into hatred for the Army and the country.

- VJ

Posted On : 12-Jun-2017

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