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Right Winger an edge over fake narrative setters

Right Winger an edge over fake narrative setters

A particular Journalist lobby which was very famous some time ago for setting up successful yet fake narratives is going through their worst phase these days.  Whatever fake agenda they try to set up is busted within few minutes by very informative and well-read Right Wingers group. Their lies are countered with correct facts and figures. 

These few journalists have stopped so low in their hatred towards government that they don’t mind using photo-shop pics to malign the government. Many a times they twist words to change entire plot of news. Few examples like militants in place of terrorists, ox or bull in place of cow

This lobby has immense hatred towards Right Wingers also. Books were written to malign RW army. FIRs were raised on the basis of their high connections. Worst was an article published accusing RW women as housewives shaving crush on PM. 

Recently TOI writer Sagarika Ghosh tweeted a year old article of mob lynching a man in UP as recently happened incident and another Pallavi Ghosh quoted the tweet. Thanks to RWs that they were exposed within minutes. Tavleen Singh another renowned journalist tweeted a photoshop pic of UP CM Yogi Adityanath drinking cow urine whereas in real he was drinking water from a hand pump. Interesting part is, she didn't delete the tweet even after realizing that it is photoshopped. Now FIR lodged against her. 

Right Wingers have a strong impact on social media which is quite indigestible by this group. They are totally disturbed. Their credibility is lowering day by day. The reason is obvious that now they cannot run agenda-driven news and it will be thrashed away by Social Media. These media houses had monopoly and they used to decide that news to cover and how much attention is required on what news which they seem to have lost because people of India believe social media more than the mainstream media.

This is like someone took away something which was your privilege once.

Posted On : 13-Jun-2017

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