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UP Congress District President sacked for referring Rahul Gandhi as Pappu

UP Congress District President sacked for referring Rahul Gandhi as Pappu

The Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) District President of the Congress party, Vinay Pradhan landed in trouble after referring Rahul Gandhi as "Pappu" in a WhatsApp message that too multiple times. Vinay Pradhan was trying to appreciate Rahul Gandhi but instead ended up using the mocking nick name given to Rahul Gandhi by his rivals. This did not go down well with the senior Congress leaders of Uttar Pradesh and he has been sacked from all party posts on the pretext of violating party's constitution. So what is represents is, anything said against the Nehru-Gandhi family is violation of Congress party constitution. This takes sycophancy to a whole new level. It’s really amusing to see the total disconnect of the Congress leaders from the general public sentiments. Such is the low level of intelligence of the party leaders and their ignorance that they cannot even differentiate between a nick name and mockery.

Here is the screenshot of what he sent on WhatsApp -


This is not the first time a Congress leader has landed in trouble for saying things against Rahul Gandhi. In 2013 a senior Kerala Congress leader was sacked for calling Rahul Gandhi a joker. Just after the Goa elections, many congress leaders came out in the open criticizing Rahul Gandhi and his style of functioning. Many Congress leaders joined BJP disillusioned with Rahul Gandhi. Just before the UP elections, the UP Congress chief and stalwart Rita Bahuguna Joshi jumped the ship and joined BJP. Just before the Delhi Municipal elections, an audio made rounds where the Delhi Congress leader Mahabali Mishra was heard abusing Rahul Gandhi with choicest of expletives while expressing his displeasure on ticket distribution. Though many Congress leaders have become disillusioned with Rahul Gandhi, the only reason they seem to be carrying on as a Congress leader is their understanding that they don’t stand a chance alone in politics and they need the face and name of Nehru Gandhi family as crutches.

Posted On : 14-Jun-2017

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