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Chant Nehru-Gandhi to survive in Congress. Puducherry CM is latest in this row

Chant Nehru-Gandhi to survive in Congress. Puducherry CM is latest in this row

Congress members have a unique quality of bootlicking. Sometimes it seems that some sort of competition is going within the party that who can please their masters the most. 

Puducherry CM is latest on this list. CM Narayan Swamy of Puducherry recently announced subsidized Cement for his state named after congress president Sonia Gandhi. Puducherry is running short of sand and so Puducherry govt asked Tamil Nadu to provide Cement to them. This Cement will be available for poor and middle class for affordable construction.

But it is quite illogical naming any govt scheme after a person who has never been in any govt or administrative job directly. She is just a party president and never ever held any administrative office or any govt portfolio. Government generally runs schemes on the name of Ex-PM or Ex-CM but this is something height, just to show your faithfulness towards dynasty you are misusing powers of CM.

The Puducherry Narayansamy is the same person who was criticized strongly over picking Rahul Gandhi's slippers being much older than him. They act like doormats of Nehru-Gandhi family.

Problem in Congress is that if you do not fall in this category you will be thrown out as Vinay Pradhan of Congress who is fired because he addressed Rahul Gandhi as 'Pappu'.

Congress me rehna hai to Gandhi-Nehru kehna hai (If you want to survive in Congress you have to chant Gandhi-Nehru).

Posted On : 14-Jun-2017

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