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Paralympic Star Deepa Malik accuses Kejriwal of ill-treating Paralympic Athletes

Paralympic Star Deepa Malik accuses Kejriwal of ill-treating Paralympic Athletes

Silver-medallist Deepa Malik has levelled allegations on the Arvind Kejriwal government of mistreating Paralympics athletes. The allegation is serious, and shows the inhumane side of the Delhi Chief Minister and his ministers.

Deepa Malik said that the Delhi government overlooked Paralympics athletes and felicitated only able-bodied Rio Olympic medallists.

She said, “We received a warm welcome after coming from the Rio Olympics, but there is a still a disappointment in our hearts that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has not met us so far. Although there was no compulsion that he should have met us, the question is that he felicitated athletes of able body but not Paralympics athletes.”

How pathetic does a man have to be to so blatantly ignore para-athletes? Not only that but to go ahead and make them feel inferior to able-bodied athletes!

All that our Paralympic stars want is equal status, yet they have to beg for it. Deepa Malik said that Paralympic stars had placed the matter of equal status before Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sissodia a few months back, but there hasn’t been any response. These people are definitely as worse as can get!

This is how she expressed her pain – “The medal which I have bagged is also counted in mainstream sports. Our ranks are also constitutionally equal. If private body would have given the awards then it would not have mattered to me. But if a government body announces something then I feel that we should be treated equally. Why is there discrimination for Paralympics athletes when both are at par in every sports policy then why we have been forgotten in felicitations of our medals by Delhi Government?”

India sent its largest-ever contingent of 19 athletes to the Rio Paralympics, and won four medals – 2 gold, one silver and one bronze.

The silence of our media over this gross injustice meted out to our stars is deafening. Had the Modi government been accused of this, would the media have remained this silent? Never. Today, almost every act of reporting and presentation of our media is born out of a personal agenda or bias.


Posted On : 16-Jun-2017

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