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Modi govt may nominate THE Metro Man E Shreedharan for upcoming Presidential election

Modi govt may nominate THE Metro Man E Shreedharan  for upcoming Presidential election

Never in the history of Indian Politics have the elections for the post of President been a close contest as the upcoming one promises to be.

One of the reasons, why this presidential election is very unique, could be that Congress is losing almost all state elections and this time they don’t want to take any chances and thus talking to every anti-NDA party to support them and elect a president of their choice.

However, based on media reports it seems NDA may nominate E Shreedharan (known to be as Metro-Man) for the upcoming Presidential election while Congress is still not clear on the name.

One can understand the seriousness of this election that while M Venkaiah Naidu is meeting with leaders like Sharad Pawar and TDS chief Chandrababu Naidu, Congress chief is meeting with anti-NDA parties to make a big alliance against NDA. This was expected by Congress because they seem to have started the ground work for 2019 general election and all these preparations is actually to form a bigger alliance.

Nominating the metro man in the presidential election would be hugely in favor of NDA as it gives them another chance to represent that the central government is pro-common man and can give chance to someone who has no political background.

Multiple media houses are reporting that - "In fact, there is a strong probability of Sreedharan being nominated as the ruling BJP-led NDA's candidate for the president's post in the July 17 election. It would be improper if he is seen sitting with PM Modi and Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on the dais just days before the name of the NDA candidate is announced. Moreover, PM Modi maintains distance with the person he has to push up"

In the recent times, APJ Abdul Kalam was the last president whom people always considered to be a common man even though he was a scientist. After Kalam, E Shreedharan could be another President with non-political ground and from a common family.

Though the nominees are going to be declared tomorrow, June 17th however so far it seems ball is in NDA court and most likely NDA candidate will get a place in Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Posted On : 16-Jun-2017

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