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Privatization of Indian Railways, a welcome step for future

Privatization of Indian Railways, a welcome step for future

Government of India is willing to auction 20 railway platforms to private companies. It will be done through a proper bidding and auction, that too on lease for only 45 years. Actual dates are not finalized but according to some sources it will be done on 28th June.

This is being done to improve many basic amenities which the employees of the Indian Railways and Railway board are not able to do. The equation is very simple, there is a huge difference between the amenities offered by Indian Airlines and other Private Airlines. Moreover this is some high profile scenario. One can easily look the difference between the services offered by BSNL and various other operators.

Running of trains, ticketing, parcel service and security will not be administered by Private authorities. It will be controlled by Government of India. Passengers can avail good services and better recreation facilities. The platforms will be made of International facilities. Railways has plenty of unused land around station areas. They will be used for building complex. Resources will be utilized to the fullest. And one more benefit which probably no one will notice is, this will create jobs for many. 

Posted On : 18-Jun-2017

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