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ISRO made India proud again; here is the details

ISRO made India proud again; here is the details

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), today successfully launched Cartosat-2 series satellite from SriHarikota. Cartosat-2 weighs 720 Kgs and flew along with 30 other satellites (29 were foreign satellites while 1 was Indian). These satellites together weighing about 243 kg at lift-off was launched into a 505 km polar Sun Synchronous Orbit with its rocket Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C38).

The 29 international nano satellites being launched are part of the commercial arrangements between ISRO’s commercial arm, the Antrix Corporation Ltd and 14 international customers. These customers are Austria, Belgium, Britain, Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and the US.

Out of the two Indian satellites launched, the smaller one i.e 15 Kg NUSAT belongs to Tamil Nadu’s Nooral Islam University which will provide multi-spectral imagery for agricultural crop monitoring and disaster management support applications and the second one, Cartosat-2 is meant for defense forces.

Cartosat-2 is a highly sophisticated and technologically advanced remote sensing satellite with the resolution of 0.6 meters which can spot even smaller objects within a square of 0.6 m by 0.6 m. "Defense surveillance will get a leg-up. It can be used in identifying terrorist camps and bunkers... some formations," an ISRO official said. Here term “very small” is of high importance and worth noting because the previous satellite in the series had a resolution of 0.8 meters and that is the same satellite which helped India carry out its precise surgical strikes on seven terror camps across the Line of Control last year. ISRO official also said that Cartosat-2 series satellites are extremely "agile". We don’t want to speculate anything but this could mean that they are programmed to carry out specific task over a specifically designated area.

Once this satellite becomes operational, it would be handed over to the defense forces, which will increase their surveillance capacity and  also help in identifying terrorist camps and bunkers which will aid our forces in future operations.

It is so satisfying to see ISRO reaching new heights despite of such a small budget. We are firmly assured that ISRO will continue executing these intractable tasks in the near future.

Posted On : 23-Jun-2017

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