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Mamata Police Opens Fire at Gorkhas. What a shame!

Mamata Police Opens Fire at Gorkhas. What a shame!

There is pandemonium in Darjeeling as local people demand a separate state. Business is ruined and people are coming out in huge numbers to protest against Mamata Banerjee, but she doesn’t seem genuinely bothered about their demands.

The crowds were passionate. People are alleging Mamata of imposing her whims on the Gorkhas. In fact, the anger is such that even Muslims of the city are joining the Gorkhas in their protests as the state government has stomped on their livelihood.

The women wing of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) was lathi-charged by the state police after which things got heated up between the protestors and the police. A clash erupted as empty alcohol bottles were lobbed at the police, who retaliated with teargas shells. This aggressive stance of the police led to many GJM women members getting injured.

“Do not worry. You guys will not be harmed. But we cannot help if the police fire on you. You must understand why we are doing this. We do not want violence. But we are being forced. They lathi-charged on the women. We are ready for anything. We know the terrain and we can die for Gorkhaland,” said a protesting youth.

And sure enough, the police fired at the protestors. Look at the following tweets of Tajinder Bagga –

Mamata Banerjee had the police fire actual bullets at our nationalist Gorkha brothers and sisters. Their patriotism is evident in the fact that there are 39 Gorkha Rifles battalions in the Indian Army! Even while they were protesting, they were waving the tricolour.

But why doesn’t Mamata show the same ferocity against illegal Bangladeshi’s in her state and those anti-Indians who make bombs? There hasn’t been a single incident of her taking any such action against these people. Why? Because her politics depends on these anti-national elements?

And where are those liberals and media people who were talking of being humane to stone-pelters in Kashmir when they were fired at? They are completely quiet today when nationalist Gorkhas are being shot at for protesting against the whims and fancies of the state government. The hypocrisy is horrifying!

- Vinayak J

Posted On : 24-Jun-2017

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